Uniport student loans are unique loans specifically for University students in Kenya. 

Uniport loans enable bright Kenyan students to pursue their preferred studies at Kenyan university of their choice.

Uniport is a Kenyan student loan organization headquartered in Nairobi Kenya with a management team from both Kenya and Europe.

Eligibility for Uniport Student Loans 

Uniport students loans are open to all Kenyan students studying in Kenyan universities for a degree programme , be 18 years and above and must be a needy student.

Uniport Interest rate Loan amount and disbursement

Uniport loans are provided yearly.
Students have to apply for loans according to their year of study i.e year 1,2,3,4 or 5.
Loan amount is approximately ksh 120,000 but varies with specific needs of the student.
The loans are charged an annual interest rate of 13%.
Disbursement of the loans are done at the beginning of every academic year.
Repayment of the loans starts after 3 months.

How To Apply For Uniport students Loans 

Applications for Uniport loans are done online at Uniport website as follows:
  • On your browser, search for Uniport loans URL ( www.uniport.co.ke)
  • Click on the url once the browser has loaded
  • On the uniport loans page , Click on "Apply" 
  • Click on" create account"
  • Fill all the details required and create a password for login.
  • Login into the page and apply for the loans.
  • Once logged in, Click on "My loans profile" on the side bar 
  • Once you successful complete all the steps, click on "Submit"
You will be notified of the status of your application through SMS , calls or email.

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Uniport loans Customer service number

In case of any challenges or for any clarity contact Uniport loans customer care through+254 739 652 513
Email : info@uniportloans.co.ke 


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