Peer To Peer Loan apps (P2P) also known as crowdfunding apps are loan apps that brings together willing lenders and borrowers in one platform for lenders to give loans while borrowers obtain loans with an ending results of lenders earning interest while borrowers enjoy cheap loans.

Crowd funding has become popular in Kenya with several apps and online platforms giving the service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer To Peer Lending in Kenya 

Like anything else, peer to peer lending has got its advantages as well as its downside to the individuals involved.

Advantages of Peer To Peer Apps 

The advantages involved with crowd funding are that the process of getting a loan or giving the loan is easy, low interest loans as well as high returns for investors. Borrowers and investors are able to have all transaction reports.

Disadvantages of Peer To Peer Apps 

Crowd funding has got a very high risk for borrowers to default on the loans and also there is no insurance or Government protection in case of any losses.

The list of Peer To Peer Loan Apps in Kenya 

1) Pezesha 

2) Ubapesa

3) Pesapata

4) Loans254

5) Pesazetu

6) Hela Capital Ltd ( Hela P2P online platform) 

1.Pezesha App

Pezesha app is a crowd Funding app in Kenya that connect investors with SMEs. Through this app investors are able to lend loans to Small and Medium sized business people working capital and in return earn returns on their investment.

2) Ubapesa App

Ubapesa is a peer to peer lending app in Kenya that allows lenders to give loans and borrowers to obtain loans in real time. Ubapesa app is owned by Ubapesa Ltd. 

3) Pesapata app

This is also a digital app that brings together willing lenders and borrowers where borrowers enjoy cheap loans and lenders earn interest on their loans.

4) Pesazetu 

Pesazetu is an online peer to peer lending platform that brings together willing lenders and borrowers. The platform facilitates the lending and borrowing for loans on business and education purpose.

5) Loan254 

Loan254 is a Kenyan based peer to peer lending platform. Loan254 app is a product of Wayhoty Capital a registered financial fintech services company in Kenya.

6) Hela Pesa (Hela P2P) 

Borrowers and Investors can transact through the Hela P2P online platform through the virtual financial market where borrowers get loans and investors get returns on their loan lending.


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