Many Kenyans are now depending on these small loan apps for their emergency purposes. One of those loan apps is Creditmoja.

 Credit Moja is a loan app that gives quick loans to Kenyans via MPESA. 

CreditMoja loan limits and Interest Rates 

The app gives loans starting from kes 2,500 up to kes 50,000 on a repayment plan of maximum 180 days with an interest rate of between 10% to 50% APR.

Is CreditMoja loan legit? Yes it is a genuine loan app in Kenya.

Creditmoja loan App Summary

CreditMoja AppLoan Particulars
Loan AmountLoan range ksh 2500 - ksh 50,000
Loan Repayment Period91 to 180 days
Loan Interest Rate10% - 50% APR
Loan Age limitKenyans btw age 20 - 60 yrs
Loan Paybill number540310
Loan / Tel +254 111404549

To get to apply for the loans, download the app from Google playstore ,register an account with the app and apply for loans.

How To Repay CreditMoja loans

CreditMoja loans can be repaid via the app or use MPESA paybill number to repay the loan.Use Paybill Number: 540310 and your phone number as the account number.

How To Contact CreditMoja loan app Customer Care

In case of any challenges ,one can contact CreditMoja app customer care through: 


Creditmoja phone number:+254 111404549

N/B Some apps ask for some fees before giving out loans, DON'T PAY FEES to receive a loan. Apps asking for some fees are most likely to be scams.

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  1. Worst app..never try this..they force you to pay a loan a day earlier..then threaten you with debt shaming.. And yet the due date hasn't reached..

  2. Can't repaying date be pushed to two weeks, it's always seven days.p

  3. I have take 2610 now what is the interest and how long should i pay my loan


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