How can I get a loan from Airtel Kenya? Which mobile loans are available for Airtel Money Subscribers? What is Mfanisi loan? What is Kopacash loan? How do I repay Airtel Kenya loans? What is Express loan? These and some more queries are what Kenyans are searching for in the internet. Don't worry today am going to briefly describe the top loans available on Airtel money subscribers in Kenya.

In Kenya, Airtel Money Loans have emerged as a significant financial tool, particularly for individuals and small businesses seeking quick and convenient access to credit.
Airtel Money, the mobile money platform offered by Airtel Kenya, has partnered with various financial institutions to provide loans to its subscribers seamlessly through their mobile phones. This innovative service has revolutionized the borrowing landscape, especially for those who may not have access to traditional banking services

These are the loans available on the Airtel Kenya ,Airtel money:

1) Mfanisi loans

2) Kopa Cash 

3) Express 

How To access and register for these loans on your Airtel line :

Dial *222# 

Select Loans and Savings

Select your preferred loan :1Mfanisi, 2Kopacash, 3Express.

Then register.

MFanisi loans 

Mfanisi loans are given by Airtel Kenya in collaboration with Maisha Microfinance Bank.

How To Activate/  Register for Mfanisi loans:

On your Airtel line dial*222#  

Reply with 7.Loans and savings

Reply with 1.Mfanisi

Reply with 1.Accept terms 

Enter your ID Number

Finish the registration with your Airtel money pin 

You will receive a message about your registration for Mfanisi loans.

In case of any difficulties one can contact Mfanisi loans customer care through: +254 709 567 000 

Kopa Cash Loan Airtel Loans 

This is a loan available at Airtel Kenya in collaboration with Jumo.

How To Activate/Register/ Apply kopa cash loans 

On your Airtel line dial *222# 

Reply with 7.Loans and Savings

Reply with 2.KopaCash 

Enter your Airtel money pin 

Accept terms

Wait for response from Kopa cash for loan approval.

How To Contact Kopa Cash Customer Care 

In case of any difficulties you can contact Kopacash loan customer care via : 1522

Express Loans 

In collaboration with Ecobank Airtel Kenya is giving instant loans to Kenyans via Airtel money dubbed Express loans.

How To Register/ Activate Express loans 

On your Airtel line dial *222# 

Reply with 7.Loans and Savings

Reply with 3.Express

Enter your Airtel money Pin 

Accept terms and conditions

Wait for approval from Express to start applying for loans.

In case of any difficulties, you can contact Express customer care through Ecobank : +254 719 098 001 

N/B The loans above are only available to Airtel money subscribers 


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