Digi loans are digital loan products provided by Starpowerz Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd a company based at Kolkata West Bengal India. Digi loans are provided at a very low interest rate. The loans can be applied online via the platform or at the office branch.

The digi loans provided include: 

Personal loans

Car loans

Home loans

Business loans 

Corporate loans

Gold loans 

Education loans

Credit cards

Digi loans interest rate 

Digi loans are charged at low considerate interest rates as follows:

Personal loans are charged at 10.25% p.a

Car loans are charged at 7%  p.a

Home loans at 6.4% p.a

How To contact Digi loans phone numbers

Contact digi loans customer service through:

+91 8926662666

040 - 29333666

Digi loans have branches in Chennai, Bangalore offices 


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