Do you know how to claim your relatives assets in an unfortunate event when they are no more? Its possible for you to claim your deceased relatives Bank or MPESA Account through either Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority ( UFAA) or Safaricom for MPESA account.

Claims From UFAA

Documents Required

  • Completed and dully commissioned Form ( Form4B)
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Certificate of confirmation of a grant ( from courts or certificate of summary administration)
  • Certified copy of Claimnant's National ID or passport
  • Copy of Claimnant's KRA Pin certificate
  • Bank or MPESA account details form  

The process
  1. Visit Unclaimed Financial Asset Authority (UFAA) offices to get the required forms ( Form 4 B and Bank account details form) and fill the forms accurately or visit UFAA website  to download the forms
  2. Prepare all the required documents and attach the application form
  3. Submit the completed forms together with all the required documents to UFAA offices
  4. The Authority will verify the application and give feedback and guidance on how to receive the claimed assets within 90 days.
UFAA Head Offices are located at pacis centre ,2nd floor Slip Rd Waiyaki way.
Mails are sent to: 
Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority
P.O Box 28235 -00200,City Square Nairobi.
Cell +254 706 866 984 /736 559 152 

How To Claim Dead Relative Money from MPESA Account from Safaricom

Upon receiving notification of death of a Safaricom subscriber ,the MPESA account is frozen to prevent any dealings to protect the deceased person. A relative or next of kin can claim the money before its forwarded to UFAA.

This is the procedure
Visit Safaricom Customer Care Shop and start the claim process ad follows: 

For M-PESA accounts having more than Kshs. 30,000
  1. Copy of the Death Certificate
  2. Copy of ID of Next of Kin
  3. Grant of probate; where an M-PESA subscriber dies and has written a will
  4. Letters of Administration; where a person dies without a will.
For M-PESA accounts having less than Kshs. 30,000
  1. Affidavit administered by a Commissioner for Oaths and sworn by the Claimnant
  2. Death Certificate (Burial permit will NOT be accepted).
  3. Letter from Provincial Administration of the deceased’s area of residence or letters of administration
  4. Next of Kin’s ID and copy to be retained.
However in cases of dispute, the next of kin will be required to provide Letters of administrations or grant of probate. 
Incase you the claimnant gets late and you find that the money have already been submitted to UFAA , you'll then have to approach the UFAA for help.
Good luck! 


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