Are you a Kenyan Citizen living in the diaspora and you want to send money to your family and friends in Kenya or are you somebody outside kenya but wondering which is the best means of money transfer available in kenya ? If yes then this post is for you.
On this post am going to highlight on the most secure, fastest , affordable and available International means of money transfer to Kenya.

Citizens living in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Congo etc can send money to Kenya through the following means of money transfer, however the list is not in any order its just numbering.
  1. WorldRemit
  2. Western Union
  3. MoneyGram
  4. M-pesa
  5. Payoneer 
  6. Ria Money
  7. Paypal
  8. X-press Money 
  9. Transfast 
  10. Transwise 

WorldRemit Money Transfer

WorldRemit is one of the low-cost and fastest means of Monet transfer to Kenya. 
WorldRemit is used worldwide to send money to Kenya for cash pick ups or to the recipient account within minutes. 
WorldRemit services are offered by almost all banks in Kenya including DTB, Co-op Bank, Equity, KCB , unimoni, Upesi etc.

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union money transfer is one of the oldest means of money transfer available in Kenya. Its a fast,secure and low-cost means of money transfer to friends and relatives living in Kenya. Western Union money transfer services are available in almost all banks in Kenya. 
The maximum amount one can send to Kenya is $10,000 USD 
To receive money , the recipient has to provide the test question , National ID and Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) 

MoneyGram Money Transfer

Its a secure ,fast and reliable means of Money transfer to Kenya for long . The money can be sent as cash pick up or to a bank account or to a mobile wallet. MoneyGram services are also available in almost all banks in Kenya. 
People living in the diaspora can conveniently transfer money to their families in Kenya with MoneyGram.


M-pesa  , a mobile money transfer owned by Safaricom- a leading network provider in Kenya, is becoming a popular means of money transfer to Kenya from countries having M-pesa services including; India, Romania, Albania, Egypt,Mozambique, Tanzania among other countries.
The money send is directly transferred into the Mpesa account of the recipient. The receiver can visit any Mpesa agent available nationwide and receive their money in minutes. 

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer is a fast ,low-cost and secure means of money transfer especially from America.
Money sent through Ria money can be received directly into the recipient bank account or cash pickup over the counter.
Ria money transfer services are available at KCB branches and Post bank. 

Express Money Transfer

Express Money Transfer is also available in Kenya. 
Kenya citizens living in England, Germany, France,Italy can easily send money to their families and friends via Express Money. Its a fast , secure and affordable means of money transfer from Europe to Kenya. 
Express money transfer services are available in almost all banks in Kenya. 


Payoneer is also one of the most popular means of money transfer especially for the youth involved in Freelancing. 
Freelancers can be paid through payoneer if they have a payoneer accounts. Payoneer had zero charges for sending money to another payoneer account. 


Paypal is also a popular means of money transfer to the youth in Kenya especially freelancers. 
Money can be sent to another PayPal account and later to bank account of the recipient. Its faster and safe to use to send money to Kenya. 


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