The use of mobile phone loan apps  is popular among the youth in Uganda with new loan apps being launched almost everyday. In this website we regularly review the loan apps to help online borrowers to make an informed decision. The latest loan app to review is Windmoney Credit Loan App Uganda. 

What is Windmoney Credit Loan App?

 Windmoney Credit Loan App also known as Iseni loan app is a new digital loan app available in Uganda.

Through Windmoney Credit app customers can access loans from UGX 260,000 up to UGX 3 million at low interest rates as low as 1.08% per month. 

Windmoney Credit Loan App is a legitimate online lender in Uganda open to all Ugandans between 20 years old to 60 years old persons with National IDs and active Mobile phone numbers. 

Is Windmoney Credit app Uganda Genuine loan app? 

To understand if a loan app is Fake or Legit we are going to Consider The Following factors: 

Reviews and Comments 

Windmoney Credit Loan App has got ratings of 3.9* stars out of 5* with a lot of positive comments as follows:

App Specs and Permissions

It's important for you to consider the app's specs and permissions before you can download the app and apply for the loans. 

App's specs

App's Permissions

Interest Rates

The higher the interest rates the higher the chances of the app being fake app. The app has got low interest rates of 1.08% per month. 

How To Apply 

After careful looking at the factors above now you can decide to visit Google playstore, search for Windmoney Credit app, click on it and download and install the app, register using person details and apply for the loans. 

You can download the app via Link 

Repay your loans on time to increase your chances of getting bigger loan limits for the subsequent loans. 

How To Contact Windmoney Credit app customer Care Uganda

Contact Windmoney Credit Loan App Customer service through: 


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