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 Helbz or Hebiz Loans online is a trending topic in Kenya. But What is Helbiz? 

This is what I know about Helbiz company

Helbiz company is a transportation and mobility company headquartered in New York City USA. 

Those guys sending smses purporting to be Helbiz loans are not genuine. There is no lender by the name Helbiz loans in Kenya. 

Kenyans should be Careful when looking for quick online loans. There are so many scammers in the Internet. Apps asking for any FEES before giving out the loans are most likely to be Cons. DON'T send anything to them. 

Kenyans looking for genuine lenders online should try legit loan apps such as Tala,Branch, Fuliza Mpesa, Boostika na Equity among others. 

Helbz Loans Customer Care Contact

There is no contact for this lender/ app as there is no lender by the name Helbiz loans. 


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