Ezee loan app is a one of the newest loan apps in Uganda offering quick loans online up to UGX 1 Million. 

Through Ezee loan app Ugandans can access quick credit via mobile phones at low interest rates from 14% to 32% APR per year with longer repayment period between 3 to 12 months. 

The loans are open to all Ugandans between 18 years old to 60 years old with National IDs and proof of monthly income. 

To apply, Download Ezee loan app from Google playstore register and apply. 

You are required to register using your personal phone number and ID card number. 

Repay your Ezee loans on time to increase your chances of getting bigger loan limits for the subsequent loans.

Is Ezee loan app legit

This is the question many Ugandans are asking if this is a fake app or genuine.

From my short research on this app it's evident that this is a legitimate online lender. It's not a fake app. The app has positive ratings on Google playstore with positive comments and testimonials. 

The ratings are as shown below on the screenshot: 

Quick Tricks To Increase Your Ezee loan limits in short time

These are some of the best ways one can use to entice the app to increase your limit within a short period of time.

  1. Don't uninstall the app
  2. Don't delete mobile money payment messages
  3. Repay your loans on time or earlier
  4. Settle any other online loans
  5. Regularly make your bills payments via mobile money.

How To Contact Ezee loan app Customer Care

Contact Ezee loan app Customer Care service through: 

Call +256 707746943



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