As  a finance blogger, I have been receiving many queries from Kenyans concerning Tala USSD loans. Some of  the queries are: How can I borrow Tala Loans without the app? Or How can I get Tala Loans via USSD or via SMS? 

If you are one of those Tala Customers seeking answers to the above queries,then count yourself lucky as am going to reveal to you the answers on this post . Keep reading! 

This is what I know about Tala USSD loans 

 Tala mobile loans are the leading mobile phone loans in Kenya with over 10 Million customers. Before, Tala customers had to download the Tala app to access the loans but now with the introduction of Tala USSD Code*846# even customers with mulika Mwizi phones can apply for the loans. 

The introduction of Tala USSD Code*846# came at the right time when Kenyans are in dare need of such loans to help them attend emergency issues in this tough economic times. 

Kenyans can now access Tala mobile loans via sms without using the app. (Note: One must be a Tala Customer to access loans via USSD code) 

How To apply for Tala Loans via USSD Without using the App 

You don't need to have a smart phone to apply for Tala loans. You can access Tala mobile loans with your feature phone via USSD code. 

This is the simple procedure to register /apply for Tala Loans via USSD code: 

On your phone Dial *846#

Follow the simple prompts to register for the USSD service for both old or new customers. 

Through the USSD code Tala customers can access the following services: 

Request loan

Request loan  limit

Repay loan 

View loan balance

Request loan statements 

How To Contact Tala mobile loans USSD code Customer Care

In case of any challenges in using the USSD code, contact Tala through: 

Sms number: 21991 



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