Duetbuz loans is an sms loan company available in Kenya. Many Kenyans have received this sms about Duetbuz loans.

 It's for that reason that I have decided to write this post here to help Kenyans who want to get more information about this lender. 

For the small research that I did I found out that Duetbuz is not a loan app but a betting platform. Those guys receiving the sms should be very careful. Recently there have been a lot of Fraudisters in the Internet who pose as quick cash givers and end up defrauding unsespecting Kenyans. 

Duetbuz loan app Download

Duetbuz loan app does not exist and cannot be found on Google playstore to Appstore or APK private files.

How To Contact duetbuz SMS Loans

There is no contact for duetbuz loans as they don't exist. 


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