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Twiga Loan App is a new legitimate online loan app available in Tanzania that offer loans to Tanzanians without any collateral or guarantors. 

Twiga Loan App offer the following: 

Requirements & Interest rates and Amount.
Age Requirement: 18 years and above
Loan amount: Tsh 10,000 - Tsh 80,0000
Loan Term: 91 days (shortest term) - 365 days (longest term)
APR: 18%~36%

Example: If you choose a loan limit of Tsh 10,0000 and a term of 365 days, the annualized interest rate is 20%
Total interest to be paid: Tsh 10,0000 * 20% =Tsh 20,000
Total repayment amount: Tsh 10,0000 + Tsh 20,000= Tsh 12,0000

How To Contact Twiga Loan App Customer Care TZ

Having problems using TwigaLoan?
Contact Twiga online services for help through: 
Customer phone number: +255 069996403
Address: QW4Y, Nkonko, Tanzania


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