Is inua mama loan app genuine? Do this app give loans to Kenyans? Does this app ask for FEES ? Is Inua mama loan legitimate? These are some of the queries many Kenyans are asking on the Inua mama loan issue. I don't have a straight answer for this but this is what I found out about Inua Mama loans: 

Inua mama loans have pages and groups on Facebook and also an app. 

Inua mama is not a genuine lender and it is of no any help! They don't give out loans. The only thing they can do is steal from Kenyans by telling them to send some fees so that they can get the loans and once they send the fees they are taken rounds and no loan they get. This is a scam especially on Facebook. Please Don't fall for this Scam. 

Inua mama also has an app that scams people of their money. Don't send money to receive a loan! 


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