Mwanzo Credit limited is one of the most recently approved digital lenders in Kenya by The Central Bank of Kenya. 

How To Borrow Mwanzo Credit Loans 

To borrow Mwanzo Credit loans, visit their office or Call their customer service number for guidance and for more information.

Loans Available At Mwanzo Credit ltd 

Mwanzo Credit Ltd is a microfinance institution in Kenya that offers a range of loan products to meet the financial needs of individuals and businesses. Here are some of the key loan products provided by Mwanzo Credit Ltd:

1. Personal Loans: These loans are designed for individuals who need financial assistance for personal expenses such as medical bills, education, home improvements, or emergencies. Personal loans typically offer flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates.

2. Business Loans: Mwanzo Credit provides loans tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to support business growth and operations. These loans can be used for working capital, purchasing inventory, expanding business premises, or acquiring equipment.

3. Asset Financing: This product helps individuals and businesses acquire assets such as vehicles, machinery, or equipment. The asset being financed often serves as collateral for the loan/ logbook loans 

4. Agricultural Loans: These loans are targeted at farmers and agribusinesses to support agricultural activities, including purchasing seeds, fertilizers, and farming equipment, or covering costs related to harvesting and marketing produce.

5. Salary Advance Loans: Designed for salaried employees, these loans provide quick access to funds in advance of the next paycheck. They help cover short-term financial needs and are repaid through salary deductions.

6. Group Loans: Mwanzo Credit offers loans to groups such as Chamas (self-help groups), where members guarantee each other’s loans. This product aims to promote financial inclusion and community support.

7. Emergency Loans: These are quick, short-term loans meant to address urgent financial needs. They are designed to be fast and accessible, with simplified application processes.

How To Contact Mwanzo Credit Limited

Contact Mwanzo Credit Ltd through: 
 +254 729 670 100
Email address: 

Mwanzo Credit Ltd stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity in Kenya’s financial sector. Through its commitment to financial inclusion, innovative products, and unwavering support for its clients, the company continues to make a significant impact on the lives of many Kenyans. As it looks to the future, Mwanzo Credit remains dedicated to its mission of empowering individuals and communities, fostering economic growth, and building a more inclusive financial system.


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