Imalipay is a Buy Now and Pay Later app that boost the financial security of online gig workers including online drivers, freelancers among other online workers. Imalipay already had partnerships with companies such as Uber,Bolt,Glovo among others.

Types of loans available at Imalipay

Imalipay app offer the following loans: 

Fuel loans 

Smartphone loans 

Spare Parts loans 

Insurance Premium Financing

How Imalipay App works 

To be able to apply for imalipay loan: 

  • Download and sign up to the imalipay app
  • Fill in your KYC information
  • Select product and make purchases 
  • A voucher code is generated 
  • Take the Voucher code to the vendor
  • After verification ,you will receive your items and start making your installment payments.

How To Repay Imalipay instalments

To make repayment contact imalipay app customer service for proper guidance on repayment channels.

How To Contact Imalipay app customer care 

In case of any difficulties one can seek assistance from the app customer care through: 
+254 715292929


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