There are several loan apps that have recently joined the mobile phone loan industry which use MPESA PAYBILL as the mode of loan repayment. Apps that recently joined the game include; Apesa,Mykes,Coopesa,DirectCash,Kashplus,Credit Moja, Fairkash among others. This was an additional to the old loan apps that have been in the industry for a while including Tala ,Branch ,Okash,Opesa,Kashway etc.

The MPESA PAYBILL Numbers for the New Loan apps include:

  • FairKash App PAYBILL Number : 4074255
  • AsapKash App PAYBILL number: 4047993
  • Kashplus App PAYBILL Number: 4050763
  • Sapesa App PAYBILL Number: 4040017
  • CreditHela App PAYBILL Number: 7186653
  • L Cash App PAYBILL Number: 4043625
  • Aspira App PAYBILL number: 711136
  • Kava App PAYBILL number: 580500
  • Ipesa App PAYBILL number: 192010
  • Tala app PAYBILL number: 851900
  • Branch App PAYBILL number: 998608
  • Okash App PAYBILL number: 612224
  • Opesa app PAYBILL number: 606280
  • Okolea app PAYBILL number: 245316
  • Lion Cash App PAYBILL number: 309517
  • Kashway app PAYBILL number: 900068
  • Zash App PAYBILL number: 733555


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