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Car financing is one of the most easy and convenient way many Kenyans can own cars. 

 Car financing companies are companies that offer loans to purchase motor vehicles or offer loans and use motor vehicle logbooks as collateral for the loans.

Car Financing companies in Kenya include banks,Microfinance banks,Credit only microfinances, online lenders,car dealers and saccos. Most car financing companies offer a percentage of the price of the vehicle and the owner to pay the rest as a deposit. Very few offer 100% car finance with Zero deposit like Toyota Kenya.

The Top Car Financing Companies in Kenya are as follows: 

Banks loans offering Car financing in Kenya

  • Ncba bank Car financing
  • I& M Bank Car financing
  • Kcb Bank Car financing
  • Std Chartered Bank Car financing

Deposit Taking Microfinances offering Car financing in Kenya 

  • Rafiki Microfinance bank
  • Faulu Microfinance
  • Choice Microfinance bank 
  • Maisha Microfinance Bank
  • SMEP Microfinance bank 

Credit Only Microfinances offering car financing in Kenya

  • Mogo Kenya 
  • Mwananchi Credit ltd
  • Ngao Credit ltd 
  • North Wave Credit Ltd 
  • Jijenge Credit
  • Musoni 

Car Dealers offering Car Financing in Kenya

  • Toyota Kenya Car financing
  • Toyotsu
  • Autocheck 
  • Hakki Car finance Kenya 
  • Magari Capital Kenya 
  • General Motors ( GM) 
  • Maridady Motors 
  • Motorshop Kenya 
  • MotorHub Kenya 

Saccos offering car financing in Kenya  

  • Unitas Sacco 
  • Safaricom Sacco 
  • Amref Sacco 
  • Imarisha Sacco


Kenyans looking for car financing can now have an easy task as they can just choose from the above list. However, each company has got its own terms of giving the loans. Take your time to choose the best at your convenience.


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