Fulizakash is the fast and reliable loan app in Kenya that offers instant loan credits directly to your account or M-PESA account or other given account details.

With Fulizakash app one is able to: 

-Get Money on your account in just 5 minutes.

- Get easy registration and application process.

- They also offer cash loans on visit to their branch offices.

Fuliza Kash loan  Interest Rates and payment period

The shortest tenor is 61 days, the longest is 365 days

Interest Rate: 12.5% per annum.

Loan terms:

Loan Amount: from Kes.1,500 to Kes. 50,000.

Processing Fee: 5% of principal amount with minimum amount kes 60 and maximum amount kes 600.

To apply for loans download the app from Google playstore register and apply.

How To Contact FulizaKash app customer Care

Contact Fuliza mash app via : 

Email: info@fulizakash.ke

N/B There are so many predatory lending apps in the internet. Apps asking for fees are likely to be SCAMS. My advise : DON'T pay fees to receive a loan.


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