Women Enterprise Fund ( WEF)Kenya Tuinuke loan is a loan product at the Constituency level / subcounty. This loan is given out to registered groups of women interested in starting or expanding their businesses.

Features/ Requirements For WEF Tuinuke Loan 

  • The group must be registered 3 months before making the application for a loan
  • Group must be registered as a self-help group with a membership of 10 members and above.
  • Group must be trained before being given the loan
  • Group must have a bank or Sacco Account older than 3 months
  • The loan is interest free only with a 5% administrative fee with a grace period of 1 month.

Tuinuke loan Amounts and Repayment plans

  • First Cycle: 100,000 - Repayment period 12 months 
  • 2nd Cycle : 200,000 - Repayment period 12 months
  • 3rd Cycle : 350,000 - Repayment period 12 months
  • 4th Cycle : 500,000 - Repayment period 15 months
  • 5th Cycle : 750,000 - Repayment period 24 months

How To Apply

Women Enterprise Fund Tuinuke loan application forms are available free of charge from Constituency/subcounty offices 
Dully fill the application form and attach all relevant documents and return the completed form to the office obtained and wait for a response from the loan officer at the office.


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