Did you know you can take loans on your Safaricom MPESA line or through the MPESA app or USSD code *334# Now you know! Through the Safaricom Mpesa many Kenyans can access credit for any emergencies. 

What is MPESA?

MPESA is a Safaricom mobile wallet that allows Safaricom subscribers to receive, store and transfer funds through their mobile phones.

Loans Available on Safaricom MPESA App and line 

Loans available on the Safaricom MPESA or App  include:

1) Mshwari loans 

2) KCB MPESA loans 

3) Fuliza MPESA

4) Faraja Loans 

5)Halal Pesa 

6) Hustler fund

How To Apply For Mshwari loans

Mshwari is a mobile banking wallet created by Safaricom MPESA and Ncba bank that allows MPESA customers to save money as well as borrow loans on their mobile phones.

To Activate Mshwari:

Open MPESA menu

Select Loans and Savings

Select Mshwari

Click on Activate and accept Terms and Conditions and an updated menu of Mshwari will appear upon activation.

Apply loan 

Open MPESA menu 

Select Mshwari

Select Loans 

Select Request Loan 

Enter amount of loan you want 

Enter MPESA pin and press OK 

You will receive confirmation message about the application and your money will be deposited in your Mshwari wallet ,you can now move it to your MPESA wallet.

How To Apply KCB MPESA Loans 

Kcb mpesa is a mobile banking app available on Safaricom MPESA created by KCB bank and Safaricom.

How to apply for a KCB M-PESA loan
Go to M-PESA menu
Select loans & savings
Select loans
Request loan
Enter amount
Enter M-PESA PIN & submit.

You will receive a confirmation message about this transaction.
The loan will be deposited to your KCB M-PESA account. To access the loan, move the money to your M-PESA. It is free to send and withdraw money to M-PESA from KCB M-PESA.

How To Fuliza MPESA

Fuliza MPESA is an overdraft facility provided by Ncba bank and Safaricom MPESA that allows MPESA customers to send or pay for bill via MPESA even if their MPESA wallets are insufficient.
Dial *234# to register for fuliza services using your registered safaricom line.
Press option 0 to register for fuliza services using your safaricom line.
Next choose YES by pressing 1 .
Ensure that you accept by pressing option 1.
After registering for fuliza services open M-PESA menu.
Select either send money, paybill or buy goods.
Enter amount of money you would wish to use.
Press okay to complete transaction.
Enter your PIN.
Press Okay.
The fuliza option will pop up.
Select Yes.
Press okay to complete fuliza transactions.

How To Buy Goods With Faraja Credit

Faraja loan is a 30 and 7-days Zero-interest loan available to Safaricom Mpesa customers at a point of sale where the customer can purchase goods and services and pay later via mpesa.

To register for Faraja loan ,Dial *799# and select opt in. Faraja loan can only be used for Lipa na MPESA Buy Goods and PAYBILL transactions at Selected outlets. 

How To Apply For Halal Pesa Facility

Halal Pesa is a new Safaricom Mpesa financial facility available to Mpesa Customers. The service is provided by MPESA in  Partnership with Gulf African Bank Ltd. Halal Pesa offer interest free loans which adheres with Shariah law in Muslims.

To register for Halal Pesa, dial *347# and select Register.

How To Apply for Hustler Fund loans 

Hustler funds loans can be applied via USSD code *254# or through Hfund min app in MPESA app.



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