Gone are the days where everyone has to que to a bank teller to be served even if one just wanted to know their bank account balances. Thanks to the introduction of mobile phone banking in kenya. Its now possible to access almost all bank services through mobile phone without physically visiting a bank.

The use of bank mobile apps and USSD codes ( Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) also known as quick codes has made it easier and possible for one to check their bank accounts balances, funds transfer among others bank services.

However, each bank has got a unique USSD code that its customers uses to access their bank accounts and a customer has to visit their bank branches for mobile banking registration and have their bank accounts connected to their mobile phone numbers and also be provided with a mobile banking pin.

The USSD codes for the top banks in Kenya 

The list of USSD codes for the top financial banks in Kenya is as follows:

  • Kenya Commercial Bank ( KCB) Code: *522#
  • Equity Bank of Kenya Code : *247#
  • National Bank of Kenya Code: *625#
  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya code: *667#
  • Family Bank of Kenya code:*325#
  • Absa bank formerly Barclay's Bank of Kenya code: *224#
  • I & M bank code: *399# 
  • First Community Bank *342# 
  • Gulf African Bank code:*399#
  • Post Bank of Kenya code: *498#
  • Standard Chartered Bank code:*722#
  • NIC Bank code : *488#
  • Bank of Africa code: *987#
  • Consolidated Bank of Kenya code:*262#
  • Jamii Bora Bank code: *344#

How To Check Your Bank Account Balance

On your phone dial the USSD code for your bank 

Enter your Mobile banking pin and follows the rest of the simple instructions to check your bank account balance.


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