Flytech Capital Kenya Limited is the company that runs Mykes Loap app. The app offer quick loans to Kenyans via MPESA. To apply for loans , download the app from Google playstore register and apply for the loans.

Flytech Capital Kenya Limited Paybill number

Mykes loan app loans can be repaid via MPESA Paybill:4047921 or via the app.

How To Contact Flytech Capital Kenya Ltd 

Flytech Capital Kenya Limited can be contacted for Mykes loan app through: +254 20 790 3180 



  1. Hi I fly tech I need Allan of 5000ksh

  2. Hi flytech why are u sending messages to pay a loan I didn't even receive.have been trying to reach u have even emailed you..where did u deposit the amount u talking about ....

  3. Enter your comment...hey flytech i reguest 5000Ksh from you

  4. Hey flytech i request 10000 from you

  5. Guys,it's unprofessional and illegal sending messages to all people on my phone contact list, telling them I used them as guarantors for my loan.I won't take it lightly and a group of people affected are going to file a case on that


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