How do I increase my KCB MPESA loan limit? How can I grow my KCB MPESA loan limit? What are the ways of improving my KCB MPESA Loan limits from Zero? Is there a way to increase KCB MPESA loan limits? These are some of the queries many Kenyans are asking concerning KCB MPESA loans? If you are one of those Kenyans, don't worry in this post am going to give you some quick ways to follow so as to improve your KCB MPESA loans.

Top 5 Quick ways To Improve KCB MPESA Loan Limit

1)Save Regularly in the KCB MPESA wallet
2) Use Lipa na MPESA services regularly to settle some bills
3) Move money in and out of the KCB MPESA wallet regularly
4) Take loans from KCB MPESA oftenly even if you just take and repay
5) Settle your KCB MPESA  loans or any other loans on time to avoid negative listing with CRB which lowers your credit score.

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