Zash loan app ,a good loan app in Kenya giving loans between ksh 500 to ksh 50,000 is now giving bonuses to customers who invites other customers.

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Through the Referral program if you invite someone to download Zash app ,get a loan and repay , you get a Bonus of ksh 80 Bob.

How Zash Referral Program works 

Interested in the bonus program , you can check your Referral code on your account on the Zash app.

Invite your friends to download the app and fill in your Referral code as they register on the app. This way you will be able to get the ksh 30 Bob bonus coupon on your account when your friends apply their first loan  and get ksh 50 Bob when your friends repay their first loans.

Zash Loan Referral program contacts numbers

For more information and clarification on the Zash loan Bunus program contact Zash loan app team through: 

Zash Tel: +254 111008008

Zash loan WhatsApp number: 0786 230 128 

Email address: 

Other Loan Apps With Referral Programs in Kenya 

Other loan apps with referral programs include:

1) Tala loan app

2) Branch loan app

3) Zenka app

The best loan app for referrals in Kenya is Branch app ,it pays up to ksh 500 bonus for a single customer refered.


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