Lipa Later is a digital purchase  payment platform in Kenya that allows one to get goods they want and pay later after receiving the items.

 Through Lips Later you receive the goods then start paying over time in affordable monthly installments.

Items Available Through Lipa Later include: 

Phones and Tablets


Home Appliances e.g Fridges

Motor vehicles

Home furniture

Insurance etc

How To Buy With Lipa Later 

  • Visit Lipa Later website 
  • Click on "Sign Up" to register and Get the amount approved.
  • Choose your Country ( Kenya) 
  • Fill all the other details as required and press "Continue" 
  • After successful registration and get the pre - approved amount you qualify you can now start to choose the items you want to buy.
  • Choose and buy your preferred items according to the amount approved from over 500 retail shops at the Lipa Later platform.
  • Start to make payments after you receive the goods you purchased.
  • Make payments in monthly installments that suits you best , login into the Lipa Later account to check your monthly installments dates and start to make payments.
For any enquiries concerning the goods or any clarification you can contact Lipa Later through: +254 709 684 000


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