Many Kenyans using The Safaricom credit products such as Mshwari, Fuliza and KCB MPESA always complain why their loan limits are always (0) zero!

Its normal some get frustrated and opt to use other quick loan providers such as credit hela and cashNow to settle themselves, however there is a way out , am going to share with your on tricks on how to increase that limit within one week.

These are the tricks to use:

  • Increase usage of MPESA services send and receive or Paybills using MPESA
  • Increase your activities on your Mshwari, KCB MPESA by moving money in and out of your accounts.
  • Settle previous loans earlier before deadline
  • Do not leave any other loans unsettled.
Conditions That May Result To Your KCB MPESA/Mshwari or Fuliza MPESA Limits being (0) Zero: 
  • Your repayment capability
  • Your working status
  • Giving wrong information during registration
  • CRB ratings
  • Bad loan history from other lenders


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