Fuliza MPESA is an overdraft service that allows MPESA users to complete their MPESA transactions when they have insufficient funds in their MPESA wallets. 

One can use Fuliza MPESA for sending money or settling bills. Fuliza mpesa USSD code is *234#

How To Activate/ Register for Fuliza na MPESA

To register for Fuliza MPESA overdraft follow this procedure:

On your phone dial *234#

Select option (0) zero

Choose opt in 

You will receive a message that you are now registered for Fuliza.

How To Check Your Fuliza MPESA limit.

On your phone dial *234#

Select option (0) zero Fuliza MPESA

Select Check my limit 

You will receive an SMS with your Fuliza limit.

How To Improve your Fuliza limit

To improve your Fuliza limit from Zero, make sure you use MPESA transactions often, pay your Okoa jahazi on time,pay bills with MPESA, settle your previous Fuliza loans on time.

What are the Charges for Fuliza MPESA

Fuliza MPESA has got charges as follows: 

Ksh 10 - ksh 100 > Charges ksh 2 daily 

Ksh 100 - ksh 500 > Charges ksh 5 daily plus 1% access fee

Ksh 500 - ksh 1000 > Charges ksh 10 daily plus 1% access fee

Ksh 1000 - ksh 1500 > Charges ksh 20 daily plus 1% access fee

Ksh 1500 - ksh 2500 > Charges ksh 25 daily with 1% access fee

Ksh 2500 - ksh 70000 > Charges ksh 30 daily plus 1% access fee

How To Send Money With Fuliza MPESA

Dial *334#

Select send money

Enter phone number

Enter amount to be sent( shhhould not exceed the Fuliza limit)

Enter MPESA pin and send 

You will receive a pop up message that you have insufficient funds and you you can proceed with Fuliza by choosing option 1 (Accept)

How To Pay Bills with Fuliza MPESA overdraft

Dial *334# 

Choose Lipa na MPESA

Choose Paybill

Enter Business number ( Paybill for the company to settle the bill) 

Enter account number(your phone number)

Enter amount to be settled

Enter MPESA pin and send 

A pop up message will appear , you have insufficient funds and you can use Fuliza MPESA to settle the bill so proceed with option 1 (Accept) and you will receive a confirmation message about the transaction.

How To Contact Fuliza MPESA customer care 

Contact Fuliza MPESA customer service through: 100 or 234 



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