I have seen many students complaining about The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loans , on how they missed to get the loans while their fellow students enjoy the loans.

Sometimes back the HELB loans were provided to Government Sponsored Students only but these days the loans are open to all students in the higher learning institutions.

With HELB loans one has to be very careful when applying for the loans otherwise the application will be rejected.
The top 5 reasons why students fail to secure HELB loans include:

(1) Scanned or Photocopy Application Form 

The loan Application form must be ORIGINAL Application form and not scanned or photocopied.
Applications made on an application form that is not original will results to the application being rejected.

(2) Missing Documents

When making the applications , students must make sure that all the required documents are provided. If any of the documents on the checklist is not attached then the loan application form will be termed defective.

(3) Missing Signatures and Stamps

All signatures and stamps for the applications are mandatory.
A single signature or stamp missing in the application will results to the application being defective.

(4) Missing Deadlines

All applications for the loans must be submitted within the stipulated time as required. Late delivered  applications will not be considered.
Students have to be very careful on deadlines as all categories of the HELB loans have different deadlines.

(5) Subsequent Loan Applications

Students applying for the Subsequent loans must make sure that their applications are signed and stamped by the dean of students. All unsigned or unstamped subsequent application forms will be doomed defective.

N/B However, students are advised to be very careful on the information they provide on the application form. Inaccurate or misleading information will results to rejection of the application.


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