Are you looking for Mpesa quick loans to settle your bills this 2021 ? If yes then you are at the right place , am going to give you alist of reliable loans to kenyans at the moment. These are the top 3 quick loans in Kenya that don't require to download apps. The loans are applied and  received instant through Safaricom Mpesa without any apps.

1. M-Shwari Loans
This is one of the best loans available through the Safaricom Mpesa line where one can request for a loan according to the limit given. The loans are given out instantly with a one month duration for payment.
The more one saves with Mshwari the higher the limit.

2. KCB MPesa Loans
KCB Mpesa loans are also made available through the Safaricom Mpesa line where a customer can request for a loan according to the limit given. The more the savings the higher the limit given

3 Mpesa Fuliza
This is actual not a loan as such but just an overdraft from the Mpesa account where a customer can send or pay bills with an Mpesa account that has got less than the required amount.
To register with Fuliza Dial *234# and follow the instructions to register with Fuliza.

Notable Loan giver 

Kopa Chapaa loans 

Kopa Chapaa is Airtel’s Version of Mshwari although it has been around since 2012. While Mshwari loans are facilitated by CBA Bank, Kopa Chapaa is facilitated by Faulu Bank. To be eligible for the loan, you must have been an airtel money user for at least 6 months.
The minimum amount disbursed is Sh.500 while the maximum is Sh.100,000. However, the loan has a surprisingly short repayment duration of 10 days. I believe that this is a very major drawback since KCB Mpesa offers an option of paying back the loan in up to 3 months.
  • Eligibility: Be an active Airtel Money User
  • Minimum loan amt: kshs.500
  • Maximum loan amt: kshs.10000
  • Repayment duration: 10 days

Don't be broke anymore!!!


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