Non-deposit taking microfinances also known as Credit only microfinances are financial institutions that offer different types of loans to individuals as well as organisations. Amid this COVID-19 Pendamic , many financial instruments have stopped giving out loans such as the mobile loan apps.

Goodnews however is that Top Non-deposit taking microfinances in Kenya are still giving out loans. The Top Credit only Microfinance institutions in Kenya still working include:

1) Platinum Credit Limited

Platinum Credit is a leading credit only microfinance institution in Kenya that give credit solutions such as emergency loans to Civil servants, TSC and employees of some selected companies.
Up to date the company is still giving loans to Kenyans to cushion them during this COVID-19 Pendamic period as well as giving loan relief repayment periods.
Contact Platinum Credit through+254 709 900 000/ 0730 900 000 for clarification and guidance.

2) Mwananchi Credit Limited

This is a leading credit only financial institution in Kenya still giving loans to Kenyans. The microfinance provide the following financial solutions: Logbook loans, Title deed loans , import financing, Check off loans , Cheque discounting, Salary advance and Guarantees
Contact Mwananchi Credit ltd through +254 709 147 000 for Guidance and clarification.

3) Ngao Credit Limited

Ngao credit is also a leading Non-deposit taking microfinance institution in Kenya offering the following services:
Autologbook loans, Loans against shares and Asset finance. Up to date Ngao credit is still giving loans. For clarification and guidance call +254 709 650 000,

4) MyCredit Limited

Mycredit Ltd is a Non-deposit taking microfinance that offer loans to Kenyans as follows: Emergency loans, Guarantees, Leasing and Insurance services. Up to date Mycredit is still giving loans to Kenyans even during this Pendamic period.
Contact Mycredit Ltd through +254 711 349 805 , 

5) Momentum Credit Limited

Momentum Credit Ltd is a Non-deposit taking microfinance institution committed to provide financial solutions to individuals as well as SMEs. At the moment Momentum Credit gives : Logbook loans, Working Capital, LPO finance and Guarantees. Momentum Credit contacts are: Cell +254 709 434 000, email:

6) Jijenge Credit Limited

Through Jijenge Credit on can get the following financial services: Logbook loan, Asset financing, Bid bonds and Loans on Title Deeds.
For clarification and loan guidance contact Jijenge Credit Ltd through+254 711 282 727, email:


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