KCB Mtaani Agents provides several essential services to KCB Customers including: Cash deposits, Cash Withdrawal School fees payment among other services. These services are provided under some charges depending on the service needed.
KCB Mtaani Agents Cash Deposits and Withdrawal charges are as follow in the table below.

N/B However , Customers are to note that, the charges are constantly under review by the Bank so they are not permanent.

KCB Cash Deposits Charges

100-100,000 Free

KCB Cash Withdrawal Charges

100-2,000 KES 20
2,001-2,500 KES 30
2,501-5,000 KES 32
5,001-10,000 KES 53
10,001-20,000 KES 75
20,001- 50,000 KES 105
50,001-100,000 KES 185


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