You are lucky that you have landed on this blog post. Maybe this is your year for Business break through.

Many people are afraid to start businesses for fear of failing. In business failing is not a problem, but what you learn after failing is the most important.

Its almost everyone dream to start their own business, however some factors hinder them from starting - Funds, Skills and Ideas.
The main factor for a business success is its idea.
In this post am going to list the top 15 most profitable small business ideas for Kenyans to try this year and thank me later.
The list consists of small business ideas that requires less funds , minimal skills but have high returns and profits.

Top Profitable Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2022

  1. Mobile phone repair and accessories
  2. Mobile Garage / Private car park
  3. Making of Unique Ice creams, Crisps and chips
  4. Manpower supply - cleaners,gardeners, plumbers, painters etc
  5. Barbershop/ Spa & salon 
  6. Blogging / Content writer and Freelancing
  7. 24 hour car repair services
  8. Waste Management/ Recycling wastes
  9. AC Installation and repair
  10. Day care services
  11. Fast Food cafe
  12. Billboards advertising using Motorbikes
  13. Interior design
  14. Setting up a security company
  15. Selling women/Children wear 
Before one decides which business idea to embrace, its advisable to do some research for information such as how to register the business, skills required , challenges and funds required.
However, the biggest secret for a business success is to start it.


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