Kenyan Banks can now give Multi currency prepaid cards to their customers who wish to use foreign currencies apart from Kenyan Shilling.
The cards can hold a number of currencies such as Sterling pound , Euro, USD among other foreign currencies.

The To 3 Banks offering Multi currency prepaid cards include:

1. I&M Bank MultiCurrency Prepaid Card 

I&M bank Multi currency prepaid card can hold GBP, USD and Euro in one card. The card cost ksh 500 when applying for it.
To apply for the card one need to have National ID/Passport, copy of KRA PIN and a passport size photo.
This card can be loaded through any I&MBank branch or through MPESA Paybill:872651
The card can hold up to USD $10,000 maximumly.

2. Barclay's Bank (Absa) Multi currency Prepaid Card 

This card can hold Sterling Pound, USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australia Dollar , South African Rand, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen and Kenyan Shilling.
To apply for Barclay's bank multi currency prepaid card , you need to have National ID/ Passport, KRA PIN and passport size photo.
The card cost ksh 465 when applying for it.
This card can be loaded at any Barclay's bank branch or through MPESA Paybill: 303030.

3. NIC Bank Multi currency Prepaid Card 

NIC Bank Multi currency prepaid card can hold Euros, USD and Kenya Shilling.
To apply for this card one has to pay application fee of ksh485 and must have the following documents; National ID card/ Passport and work permit if you are a foreigner. The card can be loaded at any NIC bank branch or via online banking.

Bank ATMs To Withdraw Foreign Currencies( USD) In Nairobi Kenya

Visitors coming to Kenya or Multi currency card holders can withdraw money in USD from the following ATMs in Nairobi Kenya:
UN Gigiri Nairobi
Karen ,Nairobi
University way Nairobi
Treasury Square Nairobi
Sarit Centre Nairobi
Kilindini Mombasa
Malindi Kilifi

I& M bank ATMs 
I&M bank Riverside branch
I&Mbank Gigiri
I&Mbank Wilson Airport


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