Shika loan app is one of the best quick mobile phone loan apps that offer loans in a matter of about 3 minutes. Looking for quick online loans in Kenya? This is the app to download! 

Shika loan app is available for Android phones only.
This is the best option if one needs an instant unsecured loan and pay at a very low interest.

Shika loan limits

Shika app has a loan limit of between kes 500 up to kes 20,000  with repayment of 30days period.

Shika loan interest rates 

Shika app charges a flat interest rate for its loans at 15% per month.

How To Download Shika Loan App 

To download the shika loan app one can follow the following steps:

  • Visit Google play store
  • Search for 'Shika loan'
  • Click on the app and download
  • Install the app on your phone
  • Register and create a pin for login on the app.
  • You can start to apply for loans immediately.

How To Repay Shika Loans

When time to repay a loan comes, you can pay your loan through the Shika Loan Paybill number : 811655 and your mobile number as the Account number.

Shika Loans Contact Numbers 

Challenges are normal, incase of any difficulties in using the app or any other issues ,contact Shika loans through: 
Cell +254 742 143 999



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