Nawe kila wakati Ndoto zetu program 2019

Applications are now accepted by Safaricom for the Nawe kila wakati - Ndoto zetu program for the year 2019.

Safaricom is partnering with the communities in a campaign to bring about 500 community dreams to life this year.
The campaign invites Kenyans to work with Safaricom to positively transform the communities through projects.

Who is eligible to apply

  1. The campaign is open to all Kenyans aged 18 years and above 
  2. Be holders of valid passports or National ID cards
  3. If an organisation , it must be registered with the relevant body in Kenya and compliant with all registration requirements

What is covered by the Campaign Fund 
The fund will be considered to various communities to individuals or organisations with dreams ranging from ksh 50,000 to ksh 1,000,000.

How To Apply
Application for the Nawe kila wakati - Ndoto zetu program fund can be done in three ways as follows:
  1. Visit any Safaricom shop countrywide and fill out an application form
  2. Submit applications online at the Safaricom website
  3. Locate a Safaricom caravan coming to a town near you.

Application Deadline
All entries will close on 6th April 2019 or once 500 community dreams have been received ( completed ) whichever comes first.

Good luck


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