Safety in the internet
Students learning with computers

How safe are our children with the internet? This is one of the serious issues Kenyans should be asking themselves.

Digital technology has grown so fast and Kenyans we need to grow with it. Students need to cope with the ever growing technology for a better  tomorrow.

Students use the internet for the following:

  • Communicate with friends
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Doing assignments
Kenyans should embrace and promote technology and innovations for a better Kenya tomorrow.
Technology experts say that those students who are in primary school now ,may work in technologies that have not been yet invented.

Internet is the mother of technology in which digital technologies thrive.

However nice it is that internet has helped students in many ways in this digital era students should be aware of the following:
  1. What they put online stays online
  2. They should use strong security passwords
  3. They should not put personal online
  4. They should communicate with familiar people
  5. They should avoid posting their faces on the internet
  6. Avoid naughty behavior in the social media, employers would check before employment.
Its high time for education stakeholders to be in the forefront to have educative intervations to students to empower and protect them by developing internet management strategies for their safety.

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