Fezotech Limited is a leading Fintech company with precense in both Kenya and Nigeria. The company is registered in both countries and approved by Central Bank of Kenya and Central Bank of Nigeria. Fezotech offer several loan apps in both countries as follows: 

Some loan app logos 

Fezotech Kenya Limited 

Fezotech provide several loan apps in Kenya including: 

  • Mojacredit app
  • DirectLoan app
  • SongaCash
  • Hela Cash 
  • Gopochi
Mojacredit Loan App 
Mojacredit loan app logo: image Courtesy 

Mojacredit is one of best loan apps provided by Fezotech company in Kenya. Through Mojacredit Kenyans can access credit from Kes 2000 up Kes 100,000 at interest rates of 12% to 24% APR per year. Check the app here. 

DirectLoan App 
DirectLoan app logo: image Courtesy 

This is also a leading loan app available in Kenya by Fezotech limited. DirectLoan offer loans from Kes 1000 at low interest rates as low as 20% APR per year. Check the app here.

SongaCash Loan App 

SongaCash is the newest app to be launched in Kenya by Fezotech. The app give loans from Kes 1500 up 50,000 at low interest rates. Check the app here.

How To Contact Fezotech Loans Kenya 

Contact Fezotech Kenya limited Incase of any challenges through: 
Email: info@ke.fezotech.com

Fezotech Nigeria Limited 

In Nigeria fezotech also offer loans via several apps as follows: 
  • Surecredit 
  • Kashkash 
  • Cashbean
  • Truemoney 
  • CashDey
  • Gomoni
  • Creditwise


Surecredit loan app is a legitimate online lender in Nigeria provided by Fezotech limited. The app gives loans from NGN 10,000 up NGN 100,000 at low interest rates. Check this app for more here

Gomoni loan app logo: image Courtesy 

Gomoni loan app is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria provided by Fezotech. Gomoni give loans up to NGN 100,000 at low interest.
Check this app here.


Cashbean is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria.  Through Cashbean people can access loans up to NGN 100,000 at interest rates of between 12% to 24% . 


Creditwise is a good loan app in Nigeria. Nigerians can access loans from this app from NGN 10,000 up to NGN 300,000 at low interest rates.

Image Courtesy 

CashDey loan by Fezotech limited Nigeria is a legitimate online lender that offer loans to Nigerians up to NGN 100,000 with longer repayment period between 3 to 12 months. 
Check CashDey here for more. 

How To Contact Fezotech Loans Nigeria 

Contact Fezotech Nigeria Limited in case of any challenges with the apps through: 
Email: info@ng.fezotech.com 


Fezotech limited helps people by providing access to instant loans through their mobile app, regardless of their credit history. By leveraging alternative data sources and innovative technology, the apps makes borrowing quick, convenient, and transparent. This allows individuals to cover unexpected expenses, invest in business opportunities, or manage their cash flow more effectively, ultimately empowering them to achieve their financial goals. Additionally, Fezotech offers financial education and insights to help users make informed decisions and improve their financial well-being over time.


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