New loan apps are coming up almost everyday. Anew loan app is now available for Ugandans to apply loans from. As usually in this website we review loan apps to help people make informed decision when it comes to getting quick online loans. For that reason we are going to review Senteyo loan app. 

What is SenteYo loan app? 

Senteyo loan app is a new digital loan provided by Blazeloan limited in Uganda. The app offer quick loans to Ugandans without any collateral from UGX 10,000 up to UGX 800,000 at low interest rates of 0.5% per day with longer repayment period up to 6 months.

The loans are open to all Ugandans above 18 years old with National IDs with proof of monthly income. 

SenteYo Loan App Reviews

Is SenteYo loan app legit or Fake app? This is the question many Ugandans are asking. To answer this question we are going to see the reviews for this app on Google playstore and decide. 

SenteYo Loan App is rated 4.2* on Google playstore 

Positive Reviews

Some of the positive Reviews are as follows: 

Negative Reviews

SenteYo Loan App Specs and Permissions
It's important for the customer to know and understand the app permissions and specs before downloading.
SenteYo Loan App permissions and specs are as shown below: 

App permissions 

App Specs 

After careful scrutining the app reviews, permissions and specs now one can decide if they are comfortable to go ahead and download it and apply for the loans. 

To apply Download SenteYo Loan App from Google playstore register and apply. 

Repay your loans on time to increase your credit score and have a good chance of getting bigger loan limits for the subsequent loans.

How To Contact Senteyo loan app Customer Care

Contact Senteyo loans customer Care Uganda through: 


For conclusion, I can say this is a legitimate online loan app that offer loans to Ugandans. However customers must be careful when dealing with online lenders as there are many scammers in the Internet. 


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