Kuapro loan app is a quick online lender available in Kenya that promises to offer quick loans via mpesa without any collateral. 

Kua pro app loans are open to all Kenyans above 18 years old with National IDs and active Mpesa accounts. 

To apply, Download kua Pro loan app from Google playstore register and apply. 

Is Kua Pro loan app legit? 

Many Kenyans are asking this question. However for me, I don't have a straight forward answer to this question but this is what I found out at Google playstore for this app reviews and comments: 

Many customers are complaining of harassment

Many Kenyans are complaining of having paid some FEES and still didn't get the loans

Other customers are complaining of delay or service at all. 

My advice: DON'T pay any FEES to receive loans, apps asking for fees before giving out the loans are most likely to be Cons. Be warned. 

How To Contact Kuapro loan app Customer Care

Contact Kuapro loan app Customer Care through: 



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