Jamuko is a new digital loan app available in Kenya that offer loans to Kenyans without any collateral at low interest rates as low as 1% per day. Jamuko Loans can be accessed via Jamuko app available in Google playstore. 

To apply for the loans, download the app from Google playstore register and apply. 

Repay your loans on time to increase your chances of getting bigger loan limits for the subsequent loans. 

How To Contact Jamuko loan App Customer Care

Contact Jamuko loan App Customer Care within the app with the in-app chatbot via sms.Jamuko does not have contact phone numbers for the moment. 

N/B Borrowers should be Careful when applying for online loans. Some loan apps ask for some FEES before giving out loans. Be warned: DON'T pay FEES to receive loans. Apps asking for fees are likely to be Cons. 


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