Are you looking for a lender in Kenya to get 10,000 urgently? Stop looking anymore! Here is a list of trusted quick loan givers in Kenya you can approach and solve your problem. 

1. M-Shwari Loans
This is one of the best loans available through the Safaricom Mpesa line where one can request for a loan according to the limit given. The loans are given out instantly with a one month duration for payment.
The more one saves with Mshwari the higher the limit. The limit can go past 10,000. 

2. KCB MPesa Loans
KCB Mpesa loans are also made available through the Safaricom Mpesa line where a customer can request for a loan according to the limit given. The more the savings the higher the limit given. You can apply 10,000 from KCB MPESA.

3 Mpesa Fuliza
This is actual not a loan as such but just an overdraft from the Mpesa account where a customer can send or pay bills with an Mpesa account that has got less than the required amount.
To register with Fuliza Dial *234# and follow the instructions to register with Fuliza.

Other Notable Lenders in Kenya To get 10,000 urgently include: 

Hustler Fund min app

This min app is available in MPESA app, Airtel money app or T-Kash Telkom app. You can also apply via USSD code *254#. Minimum amount for this lender but with good repayment you can apply up to 10,000.

Tala loan app

Tala is the oldest and most trusted loan app in Kenya. Download Tala from Google playstore register and apply for the loans.

Branch app 

Branch app is also an old app in Kenya now a bank. Branch app has the most downloads in kenya. Most people prefer branch app than Tala. Download branch app from Google playstore.

CashNow loan app

CashNow app gives loans to Kenyans via MPESA up to kes 50,000  after downloading the app ,register and apply for loans 
Check CashNow here 

 HF Whizz app

The loan app gives up to ksh 50,000
Download HF whizz app here

 KashWay loan app

Cashway loan app gives up to a maximum of ksh 30,000
Check CashWay here.

 Direct Cash app

This loan app is the newest in the market but it offer good amount of loan. Apply up to 10,000 with this app.


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