Instakopa loan app is a new quick online loan app launched recently. The app  offer excellent services including faster disbursement of loans and low interest rates with longer repayment plans. 

Instakopa loan limits and interest rates

Instakopa app give loans starting from kes 500 to kes 80,000 with minimum repayment period of 90 days. Instakopa loan offer loans at low interest rate of 26% APR.

Repay your instakopa loan on time to increase your loan limit.

To apply one has to download the app: App yet to be launched.

How To Contact Instakopa loan app customer Care

Contact Instakopa loan app customer service with the in-app chat SMS.

N/B These Recent days there have been a lot of Cons in the internet pretending to be apps giving loans. They ask for FEES before giving loans. Please be warned: Apps asking for fees are likely to be Scams. Don't send money to receive loans.



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