Zuricash loan app is a quick loan that provide emergency loans via mpesa. 

The app promises to provide loans ranging between ksh 500 up to ksh 50,000. Borrowers have until 91 days minimum to repay their loan. The app charges an interest rate of between 18 to 36% APR.

Zuricash app Summary

Zuricash appParticulars
Loan AmountKsh 500 - ksh 50,000
Interest Rate10% APR
Repayment period91 to 365 days
Contact informationEmail: zuricashCSKH@gmail

To apply for Zuricash loan, download Zuricash app from Google playstore register with your phone number and apply for the loans.

How To Repay Zuricash loans 

Repay your Zuricash loans when due via the app. You don't have to use paybill to clear the loan. For alternative repayment channels contact the app customer care. 

How To Contact Zuricash app Customer Care 

Contact Zuricash app customer care through: 

+254 746826520

Email: zuricashCSKH@gmail.com 


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