Due to the harsh economy that is experienced in Kenya today , many people are  unable to purchase goods in cash at once and this forces them to look for quick alternatives on how they can buy goods and that is where Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps comes in.

Leading BNPL platforms in Kenya.

What are BNPL apps and Platforms?

Buy Now and Pay Later ( BNPL) are apps and platforms where people can buy products online today and pay for the goods over time in instalments. Some BNPL apps and platforms allows the customer to take the products at once and pay later while others hold the products until the customer finishes paying.

What are the best BNPL platforms/Apps in Kenya?

In Kenya we have 3 top best BNPL apps and platforms that are genuine and safe for online purchase.

They include: 

1)Lipa Later

2) Aspira 

3) Flexpay 

Lipa Later BNPL ( Lipa polepole)

Lipa Later is an online platform that allows customers to shop for items in different stores and pay later in instalments. Through this online platform ,one is able to choose the number of instalments one is able to pay for the items bought. For more information Check here 

Aspira App /platform(Lipa baadaye) 

Aspira app is a loan app that allows people to purchase goods in online stores ,have the goods and pay for them later in instalments. Aspira app is regarded as the best app in the BNPL business apps. 

Check Aspira here

Flexpay ( Lipa later)

This is another online platform that allows customers to buy goods and pay for them over time in instalments.One thing with Flexipay is that they reserve the items until the customer complete all instalment payments.

Visit Flexpay here.

Other Popular BNPL apps and Platforms in Kenya include: 

Lipa Mos mos 




Top BNPL apps and platforms in the world 



After pay

Per pay



PayPal credit


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