There are so many fake loan apps in Kenya that claim to offer quick loans but end up defrauding its customers. 

Predatory loan apps will pose as genuine loan apps and either ask for registration fees or take customers information such as ID number, phone number or bank account and later defraud them using this information. Some loan apps defame their customers in case of Miss payments or default.

Such bad loan apps are just scammers and only want your money. 

Goodnews however is that in Kenya People  can now  report Fake Loan apps as follows: 

1) Report Fake Apps on Google playstore

2) Report Fake Loan Apps at Digital Lenders Association website

3) Report Loan Apps at Office of Data Commissioner Kenya Nairobi.

Reporting Fake Loan Apps on Google playstore 

Inappropriate apps are not legitimate and don't follow Google's Terms and condition of service therefore its easy to flag them inappropriate and Google on their side can bring them down.

This is How To Report a Fake Loan App in Kenya 

Having enough evidence that the app is fake ,you can report the app to Google as follows: 

  • Open Google playstore App
  • Search the intended fake app and click it 
  • Go to the menu top right corner and click it
  • Choose " Flag as inappropriate "
  • Select the reason and submit.
As simple as that ,then let Google play on their part to disable the app.

Reporting Fake Loan Apps at Digital Lenders Association 

You can also report inappropriate loan apps in Kenya at the Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK) website as follows: 
  • Go to DLAK website
  • Select Customer Complaint from the menu
  • Fill in the details required
  • Describe your complaint
  • Select the intended lender 
  • Click "Report" 
DLAK will then act accordingly, but this will apply to loan apps that are members of DLAK only.

Reporting Loan Apps at The Office of Data Protection Commissioner Kenya ( ODPC)

Office of Data Protection Commissioner is mandated to protect all kinds of data for Kenyans. If any Kenyan feels that their data was miss used or not protected by the loan app one can go ahead and launch a complain to The Data Protection Commissioner. 

How To Report Loan Apps To The Office of Data Commissioner Kenya: 
  • You can visit their office physically and launch your complain. Office Located at Britam Tower, 12th and 13th floors, Hospital Road , Upper Hill Nairobi.
  • Or Email your complain to this email address: 
  • Call odpc office on +254 796954269
As in the recent Cases four Digital Lenders were fined by The ODPC millions for malpractices and data protection breach. Fairkash and KeCredit loan apps were fined a total of Kes 2.98 Million while Skypesa and Zuri Cash both from Whitepath Company were slumed with Kes 5 Million each for sharing contact information and names of loan applicants with third parties. 


So Kenyans can at last smile! You can report any loan app that, defraud ,defame, or shair your data to third parties without your consent. 



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