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Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco is a sacco legally registered in Kenya  for Kenyans living in the United States of America. The sacco is committed to provide its members welfare with Investment plans,Savings plans as well as Credit facilities to its members.

How To Join Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco 

Interest person who wants to join the sacco must first fulfill the following: 

Joining Requirements

  • Be a Kenyan 18 years and above
  • Be in The USA in a gainfully employment or business
  • Have a valid Kenyan passport or National ID
  • Color passport size photo
  • Next of kin information
  • Membership fee kes 10,000 to be paid and have proof
  • Minimum contribution of kes 10,000
  • Buy shares worth 20,000 within 6 months.

Benefits of Joining Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

  • Helps people to invest on reliable and profitable investments back at home while still abroad.
  • Remove the burden to relatives and friends on managing investments on their behalf.
  • Sacco members always have access to to financial and legal experts guide and advises on how to invest their money.
  • Easily available and affordable loans
  • Have access to an extensive network of members back at home and abroad.

Types of Credit Facilities Available at Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

Loans available at Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco include:
  • Normal loans 
  • Emergency loans
  • School fees loans
  • Mega Loans 
  • Premium loans 
  • Top up loans 

Investment & Saving Opportunities at Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

Members of this sacco enjoy well researched investment opportunities available in Kenya including:
  • Isinya Konza plots
  • Fadhili Homes 
  • Group investments
  • Mavuno Term Deposits - Fixed income deposit 3%-10% pa.
  • Own property

Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco Deposits and Payments

Deposits and payments are made through: 
Poa Pay
Direct deposit to sacco Bank in Kenya 
Direct transfer from USA bank to Sacco account in Kenya
Western Union

How To Contact Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco Customer Care

Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco offices are located at : Victoria Towers Ground floor ,Kilimanjaro Upper Hill Nairobi.
Phone number: +254 792 746 217
Diaspora Number: +1 6783987728
Email address: 


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