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 Kenya Australia Diaspora Investment Sacco is a registered Sacco in Kenya for Kenyans living and working in Australia and elsewhere outside Australia. Through this Sacco members enjoy best investment opportunities available in Kenya, savings as well as affordable credit to improve their lives.

Requirements and Documents To Join KADI Sacco 

  • Be a Kenyan living and working in Australia
  • Be of good character and sound mind
  • Be 18 years and above
  • Proof of having paid registration fees
  • Minimum monthly contribution of kes 5000 
  • Minimum shares kes 20,000
  • Kenyan ID/ passport
  • Coloured passport size photo

Loans Available At KADI Sacco 

Kenya Australia Diaspora Sacco gives its members credit facilities to boost their investment and wellbeing. Loans at KADI include:
  • Maendeleo loans 
  • Elimu loans 
  • Emergency loans 
KADI Sacco Members can save and earn interest and dividends.
Investment opportunities open to KADI Sacco members include, Government Securities and Bonds,property for sale or lease.

KADI Sacco Members Contribution Channels/ Payments

KADI Sacco members contributes their savings and remittances to the Sacco through: 
  • Transferwise
  • WorldRemit
  • MPESA PAYBILL No- 247247 Equity bank

How To Contact KADI Sacco Customer Care 

Contact Kenya Australia Diaspora Investment Sacco 
Australia Office:
Located at 18/12 loder Way south
GuildFord, WA 6055
Phone number +61482501964


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