Kenyans living in the diaspora had challenges when it came to investment back at home. Sending money to relatives and friends and letting them run the investments proved impossible as most projects failed. Its for this reason among others that led to the birth of diaspora saccos in Kenya to help Kenyans in abroad have easy time as the trusted saccos could manage all their investments back at home.

What Are Diaspora Saccos in Kenya? 

Diaspora Saccos are Saccos in Kenya that promote investment and Savings for Kenyan citizens residing abroad or have previously been abroad. Diaspora Saccos empowers its members economically and financially.

List of Best Diaspora Saccos in Kenya 

Are you a Kenyan living in the diaspora with intentions to invest back at home and you are looking for a Saaco? Don't look anymore, am going to list here the best Diaspora Saccos in Kenya for you to choose from.

Kenya has got more than 10 Saccos that are fully registered in Kenya and are in operation.

Here is just but a few of the Best Diaspora Saccos in Kenya :

  • Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco 
  • Kenya UAE Diaspora Sacco 
  • Kenya Germany Diaspora Sacco 
  • Stock UK Diaspora Sacco 
  • Kenya Australia Diaspora Investment Sacco ( KADI)
  • Kenya North America Diaspora Sacco (K-NADS)
  • New England Kenyan Diaspora Sacco (NEKDS)
  • African Women In Europe Diaspora Sacco

Benefits of Joining A Diaspora Sacco in Kenya 

Diaspora Saccos play a very big role for Kenyans living abroad as follows: 
  • Help Kenyans living abroad to invest on reliable and profitable investment back at home while still abroad.
  • Remove burden to the relatives or friends for the Kenyans living abroad who may even not do as expected with the investment.
  • Diaspora Saccos have credible and professionals that can help in investments decisions 
  • Diaspora sacco members always have access to financial and legal experts guide.
  • Access to affordable loans to members
  • Diaspora sacco members have guarantee that their money is safe
  • Diaspora sacco members have access to extensive network of members from abroad and Kenya.

Kenya Diaspora Saccos Joining Requirements and Documents

Although each sacco has got its specific requirements for joining ,here is a list of the general requirements and documents:
  • Member must be living abroad and be in a gainful employment or business.
  • Member must have previously been living abroad and be in a gainfull employment or business.
  • Be 18 years and abroad
  • Be of good character and sound mind
  • Pay entrance/ Registration fees
  • Be a Kenya citizen 
Documents Required
  • Kenyan ID card / Passport
  • KRA pin 
  • Passport size photo
  • Proof of Registration fees 
  • Dully filled membership application form.


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