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 Msamaria Women's Loan is a women only loan facility by Co-operative Bank of Kenya aimed at empowering women economically. The loan is offered to women in business to boost their businesses.

Features of Msamaria Women's Loan 

  • Minimum loan amount is kes 5000
  • Maximum loan amount is kes 10 million
  • Minimum repayment period is 12 months
  • Maximum repayment plan is 36 months

Requirements To Apply For Msamaria Women's Loan 

  • Have a business not less than 1 year old 
  • Open an account with co-op Bank 
  • Business licence of the current year where possible.
  • Copy of kra pin 
  • Collateral/ security such as Business asset, land,NSE shares etc 

To apply visit your nearest Co-op Bank branch and apply.


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